Sending Birthday Wishes to Heaven

Today would have been my big brother’s 22nd birthday, but instead, it will be the first birthday that he will be celebrating in heaven.

It is unreal to me that we even had almost 22 years with a boy that was told he was not likely to live to be 7 years old, yet knowing that we got away with 15 extra years of his heartwarming smile does not make it any easier. Today is one of the hardest days for me since losing my best friend because it’s making me realize how many family traditions are changing now that he is gone.

We won’t be spending months in advanced wondering where we can take him for his birthday that he would have as much fun as everyone else. We won’t be planning meals specifically around him and what he can eat. I won’t spend countless hours online searching for a present that is just as much entertaining as it is therapeutic. We won’t be eating cake with blue icing that dyes everything it touches. Most importantly though, we won’t be spending it together.

Regardless, I hope there’s an endless supply of cake in heaven. Happy Birthday, Kolton. I love you forever.

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