Happy National Brother’s Day

As many of you know, yesterday, May 24th, was National Brother’s Day. What some of you may or may not know is that my older brother died two weeks and two days ago. 

To say the least, yesterday was hard. 

Now, I am struggling to even scroll through social media. Seeing all the people who still have their brothers to celebrate with is heart wrenching. 

I wanted to post my own picture from yesterday with my brothers, but I couldn’t do it because sharing it was just as heart wrenching as seeing the other posts that everyone else shared. 

Instead of going out for ice cream or watching movies or whatever else, my younger brother and I spent the evening at our brothers grave. 

It feels as if everything now is a constant reminder of the huge piece of my world that is missing. I know that things will get easier with time and understanding, but currently, things are far from easy. 

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