1,500 Mile East Coast Road Trip

It has been so long since I have shared anything about my life so this post is long overdue.

As of the past week, I have put over 1,500 miles on my car, travelling as far away as possible from the city life. I took a week off of work to give myself a break and spend more times with my dogs. Today, I will be recapping my stops and all of the excitement along the way.

Stop #1: Jacksonville, NC

Approx. 300 miles from D.C.

I have a great friend that lives in Jacksonville and I had been planning my string of travels in accordance with this trip. She had just bought a house and needed some help moving and she also missed me quite a bit – the feeling was mutual. We spent our time reminiscing and drinking cheap wine and I would not have changed any bit of it. Well, other than the fender bender, of course.


Stop #2: Wilmington, NC

Approx. 350 miles from D.C.

While in NC, we planned a trip to the beach and made sure we did not leave until we were thoroughly sunburned and entirely terrified of the ocean, which only took half a day. Once we got back to Jacksonville, I packed up and off we went.


Stop #3: Hershey, PA

Approx. 110 miles from D.C.

I left NC at 8:00 PM and I arrived in D.C. at about 2:00 AM, slept for a few hours and headed straight to Pennsylvania because who passes up a wedding opportunity? My ever-so-patient fur babies still willingly hopped in the shotgun seat, awaiting the next adventure. During the stunning wedding, I kept the pups in the hotel room and in the morning, which happened to be Easter Sunday, we headed back to D.C. It was a quick trip and I don’t even think that I was gone for 24 hours but PA is so gorgeous that it was easily worth the drive.

Stop #4: Point Look State Park in Scotland, MD

Approx. 70 miles from D.C.

On the way back from PA, I got a call from a few friends about a trip to the beach. Clearly, I did not learn my jellyfish lesson in Wrightsville Beach the first time, so off I went (this time letting the dogs have a break from the car.) We went two hours out of the city and found a smelly beach infested with thousands of jellyfish. We couldn’t step a foot into the water without being swarmed by them. Since we couldn’t swim, we decided it was time for food and, no surprise to anyone who knows me, I picked Texas Roadhouse. So instead of showing off my beach bod, I decided to ruin it. Same thing, right?


Stop #5: Bridgewater, NJ

Approx. 200 miles from D.C.

After a few days spent outside of the car, I received a phone call from my mother, telling me that my aunt, uncle, and cousins would be in NJ the following day. So, with much stress, I was able to get work off to go and visit my family for the evening. This trip was by far the best. Sometimes you take family for granted, but this trip definitely made me realize that I shouldn’t because my family is awesome. We laughed so hard and had nothing but a good time, even if it was only for a few hours. I am beyond grateful to have them in my lives. Two years was far too long.


Stop #6: Bed

Approx. 2 feet away from where I’m sitting.

After all of the travelling I did, I fell asleep for a few hours and woke back up to my alarm reminding me that it was time for work and I knew it wasn’t going to happen. My body was so physically and mentally drained that I had to take another day off. I’m not sure what condition I would be in right now if I didn’t take that time for myself.

All I know is that after all of those adventures, I am so thankful that I live this life. Not everyone has the opportunities that I do. Being away from the love of my life is hard but without him, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I owe it to him for getting me here and for making it possible for me to explore.

I’m sure there will be more trips to come, shortly. Stick around to find out!

Thanks for reading!




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