Who Is Kelley?

I am no one yet I am everyone.

I am a little bit of everything and everyone.

The only way to truly convey this is to tell you who Kelley is by what she has done because there is no way to know what her future will hold. Not even I can predict my next move.

Growing up, I would train for beauty pageants during the week and rule the motorcycle track by the weekends. I was the girl that chased the cattle that got loose every morning before school. I was in gymnastics but also cheerleading. I was the girl in ballet. I was the girl who horses every chance she got. I was either a queen or runner-up to all junior high and high school dances, but my best friends were a random group of people that were all almost outcasts. I was on student council but I drank on the weekends. I was the girl who had problems at home. I was also the girl that had everything. Then I was the girl in a bad relationship, but also the girl who could damn near get any guy she wanted with some effort. Eventually, I did. It was then that I became the girl people felt sorry for. The girl people would say, “I don’t know how she does it.” I became a military wife. Now, I am the girl who got married right out of high school. I am the girl that misses home. I’m the girl people seldom think about. I am the Pinterest perfect wife that has not seen her husband in a month. I am the girl who has to restart over and over again with each new place we go. I have been a waitress. I have been a receptionist. I have even tried selling for marketing companies. Now, I am a nanny to kids with special needs and kids without. I am a part of an animal hospital.

I am a contradiction. I love school but I don’t know what I want to do for a living and where I want the school to take me. I love the outdoors. Hunting, fishing, boating, camping, hiking. At one point, I even tried dirt track racing. I love being a girl. Hair, makeup, clothes, shoes, selfies. I love reading and writing. I love math and art. I love pink. I love black. I love country. I love rock. I love pop. I love bluegrass. I love dance music. Hell, I love dancing as much as I love cheerleading. I love who I was and I love who I am, whoever that chick is.

I am a little bit of everything and everyone.

I am no one yet I am everyone.

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