Life Update…

Hey everyone!

With so much going on lately, I thought all you wonderful, dedicated souls whom actually read my blog deserve an update. 

For starters, I currently have a new job that I’m thrilled about. I have been working at a pet hospital for about 3 weeks now. My position is similar to that of a receptionist but when everyone is busy, I’ll sometimes get to help with the pets. The best part is that the company offers a school program to get you through veterinary school so as soon as possible, I will be starting that!

Speaking of school, I graduated in December with an Associates of Science. I majored in biology at Utah State University, doing all online courses. It took me a little longer than I intended but it’s done!

Also, a while back I finally received my diploma from PennFoster. I intended on receiving it in March, when I graduated, but it got sent to my old address, so I finally have that now!

As for my other jobs, I am still nannying for children with and without special needs, but now I do it for two different families. They are absolutely great and I adore all of the children I work with! I love teaching them about the world around them and watching them grow and learn. It is without a doubt humbling in its entirety. 

Roxy and Leo are healthy and happy. Roxy is almost two and a half years old. Leo turned a year and a half on Christmas. They are as funny as ever and so ridiculously spoiled. 

As per my life: Kenyon will be leaving in late February to go to school in Texas. He will be there for 3-5 months. Meanwhile, I will stay in DC with our pups, working away my life and adventuring all that the East Coast has to offer! Since there is a possibility that we will be getting stationed elsewhere, I want to make sure I don’t leave here with any regrets on what I did and didn’t do. As much as I hate the city, there is so much to it and I am always up for an adventure. 

To save everyone the exhaustion, yes, it will not be fun with Kenyon gone. No, I will not be moving back home while he is gone and it is mostly due to having this new great job. We will hopefully know in May where we will be stationed next. When this happens, everyone will be informed. 

Thank you to everyone who is on this crazy ride with us!


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