I Wish I Could Think Like A Man

With all the feminism issues trolling today’s social media, I thought the best time to share this blog post would be now.

Regardless of which side you are on, take a second and think about it.

Women’s brains never stop running. They act the way I would imagine a baby from the “Energizer Bunny” and a “Sour Patch Kid” would. We are constantly looking for something to do and very rarely are our brains at full and peaceful rest. With this in mind, I write the comment below:

I wish that I could think like a man.

After nearly two years of being married to the man of my dreams, I still have not quite grasped how my husband’s brain works. He can take a deep breath and all of it vanishes. He shuts his brain down and lets everything go. He doesn’t think, “Oh, I left the oven on!,” in the middle of a movie and not because he is careless, but because his brain is solely focused on the movie. Not only that, but he doesn’t tend to think too deeply into movie plot. He focuses on what is and isn’t.

Meanwhile, I’m trying with every ounce of my being to focus on the movie but my brain process goes something along the lines of this:

“Oooh I like the actresses hair.” “I wonder if the director knows she has a stain on her shirt.” “Did I change out the laundry?” “I should do that.” “Facebook notification.” “I’m going to go grab my budget book and make sure the math adds up.” “Look at the cute puppy in the background.” “I saw a cute puppy at work today.” “I work at 7 tomorrow.” “Ugh, that is going to suck.” “I should wash the sheets before I go to sleep.”

My brain is constantly going and I’m staring at my husband in complete amazement because he is not moving, he is not thinking, is he even breathing?

I always catch myself sitting in the silence with him and I cannot help but to turn and ask what he is thinking, even though the same answer persists: “Nothing.” It is true; he is thinking of nothing. He is simply enjoying the moment that he is.

The refute that will more than likely follow this article is that I should love my girl brain because it makes me who I am. It makes it so that I can multitask like there is no tomorrow. I can think a million things at once, which is probably how I even came up with this idea. However, there are times I wish I could have a man’s brain.

I want to think like a man.

I want to think nothing for just a moment.


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