2016 in a Glimpse

How did 2016 go by so suddenly? I can still vividly remember getting ready to go out with my friends last year to watch the ball drop. This year, I am sitting in the passenger seat of my car, typing this with the sounds of Axl Rose slaying the guitar in Sweet Child O’ Mine while my darling husband drives us to our next destination for this New Years Eve: New York City. The party that all other New Years parties plan around and I couldn’t be any more excited or grateful that I have been blessed with such an insanely thrilling life. With this is thought, I’m going to share a few of my favorite memories from 2016 as we say goodbye to the year of laughs, tears, and lots of coffee.

The last New Year of 2015 changing quickly into 2016 started off with a bang. I spent it surrounded by some of my best friends. We stayed out too late, drank a little bit too much, and laughed a little too hard. 

A few days later, we all gathered our snowboarding gear, headed to a hotel, picked Kenyon up from the airport, and spent the entire next day snowboarding with some kick ass people.

During that same trip to Utah, we went to the Midvale Ice Castles and I got to meet Anna & Else and marvel at the beatiful ice patterns. Don’t worry, I only fell at least 50 times.

Kenyon and I sat in our apartment and miraculously strived to survive “Snowmaggedon 2016.” (All sarcasm intended). What really happened was we watched all of the DMV area go into a panic due to 1 foot of snow while we played in it. #Utahns

We went snowboarding at Blue Knob in Pennsylvania with some great D.C. friends.

I went to a Washington Wizards basketball game to watch my husband perform with the US Navy Ceremonial Guard Drill Team during halftime.

My little brother turned 7 on Valentines Days. A

We travelled into Old Town Alexandria to watch the St Patrick’s Day Parade.

Then I sat home and watched Kenyon in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in New York City.

Kenyon and I spent our first Easter as husband and wife coloring Easter Eggs.

I went to the US Capital Building to lobby for medical marijuana to get legalized in Virginia. This is something I definitely never thought I would have done but I’ve seen it change lives for people with disabilities and I’m all for it!

I went to a sketchy, ghetto carnival with some friends.

I hiked the C&O Canal with my billy goat-like friends.

We visited Chesapeake Bay and stuck our toes in the sand without having to pay $20 a person.

Celebrated Roxy’s 2nd Birthday with some great pupper friends.

My BFF/Sister/Cheese got to see the big city with me.

Kenyon and I had the opportunity to watch a Miranda Lambert concert for free.

We moved into our very first house and I’m still so in love with it!

We stayed the weekend in Virginia Beach with some crazy friends that give each other IVs to sober up when they drink too much.

I did this to my hair.

We said goodbye to some truly great people.

Kenyon and I spent our 1 year anniversary at Kings Dominion and I have to say it was the greatest surprise ever.

Then we did it again with all of our friends and ended up having some drinks and crashing in a hotel room.

I went scouting in Utah with my daddy.

My best friend came to see the sights and she even got to go to a Nats game to check out some baseball butts. Too bad we all got sunburned, huh?

I got to congratulate my husband on receiving his yellow rope and I even made it to work on time.

Mary Kate and I watched these kids play some pretty hilarious softball games.

Onti broke our tv. Note to self: if you’re ever going to break your friends tv, do it when there’s a sale going on, like around Labor Day so that we can get a good deal.

I was able to make it to my Uncle Hays’s and Aunt Bob’s wedding.

I reunited with some fantastic friends.

And even got to be a super senior and go to the Carbon High Homecoming Game.

I never heard the end of one of my dads dream kills.

I got to meet up with an old friend, meet her baby girl and freeze to death at a rodeo.

I had the blessing to be the Maid of Honor at my bffs wedding and, my oh my, was it a beautiful day with so many stories.

My family and I took Kanyon to his first concert to see Luke Bryan and if that kid singing along and getting crazy excited to his favorite singer doesn’t make you smile, you’re heartless. I’d also like to point out that this was after I spend 4 hours driving home after 40 hours of no sleep.

Kenyon and I played dress up and pretended to be important as we had cocktails with actually important people for the 214th US Navy Birthday Ball in DC.

We went to a cute little pumpkin patch with some great friends and a cute chicken.

Kenyon and I loaded up the puppies and hiked Shenandoah.

We helped throw the craziest and best Halloween Party ever!

Plus I dressed up my dogs so that was cute.

I went to my first bar with the DC friends and they showed me what a good city night is like. To be honest, it will probably be a long time before I do it again though.

I took my daddy around the city and even to his very first Redskins game and he already knows it won’t be his last.

We had fun at the Command Christmas Party.

I rode the same camel for the second year in a row.

I saw the Temple Lights in Utah for the first time.

I had the chance to wear matching jammies with my siblings on Christmas Eve after celebrating my lil sister’s birthday.

I did the most adult thing and roasted marshmallows in our friend’s living room around a tea light. It took 20 minutes but hey, I got a s’more.

And finally, I got to spend more time with my family then I could have ever asked for. I love the pictures, Aubrey Kirkwood!

So, thank you to everyone who made 2016 one that I’ll never forget. I’m surround by truly incredible people and I’m beyond grateful.

Stay tuned for some NYC stories.



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