Leaf By Bellabeat

For at least a year, I have been begging everyone (mostly my husband – bless his heart) to buy me a Bellabeat Leaf. As far as I know, these are not very familiar to everyone else. They are essentially a derivative of a FitBit, but they are more girly and not digital and rather than the goal to be getting the most steps as possible, the objective for Bellabeat is just to balance your lifestyle.

For my birthday, my mother-in-law gave me the new Bellabeat Leaf Urban.

Ignore the fact that I didn’t take very good pictures of my Leaf (I was way too entranced to care about pictures in the moment) and bask in the glory of its beauty.

To get down to the details… The Leaf is designed so that you can clip it onto your clothing, wear it as a bracelet, or around your neck as a necklace. However, I wouldn’t suggest doing all three at once. No, I didn’t try doing that; don’t be ridiculous.

I have found that I most commonly wear it as a bracelet during the day and as a clip during the night. This just seems to be what is the most comfortable for me but my results are about the same no matter what.

The Leaf comes equipped with software for a free app that you can download to your phone and view all of your statistics. There are 5 basic categories in the app that your Leaf can track.

  1. Steps – (Orange heading) Rather than going by a step count like a pedometer, the Leaf goes by minutes of exercise. If you click into the menu, it will show steps but I like that it does focuses on minutes instead because it feels like you’ve done less. I.E. so far I’ve walked for 6 minutes today which translates to 2000 steps, meaning I know I need to walk a bunch more today because 6 minutes is a sad number for just walking. It also gives you an option to manually log activities that you did. For example, when I do sit ups, I can log that. 
  2. Sleep – (Purple heading) The sleep one is a little tricky. I struggle to know if it tracks movement or heartbeat because there are times that I’m lying still in bed, not sleeping and the Leaf registers that I’m not sleeping. Super creepy, man.  When it does track your sleep though, it shows up with three different labels: light sleep (light purple), deep sleep (dark purple), and awake (orange). If you choose not to wear it to sleep, when you sync the Leaf the next morning, it will ask if you slept and from there you can manually log your sleep. 
  3. Meditation – (Green heading) The app has a series of meditation exercises that you can follow along with to reach your goal for minutes of meditation. My goal is set for 10 minutes. You can also log this manually. I like doing the meditation because it’s truly calming but I probably wouldn’t do it without the goal. Meditation just isn’t up my alley but this is a very unique feature to help balance your life!
  4. Stress – (Dark pink heading) This feature is the one that I find the most fascinating because it is ridiculously accurate. I’m a quite stressed out person and this takes that into consideration and offers tips and tricks to help balance it all out. It uses the information from the other headings and implements them into a type of chart that you can view and try to balance out and compare it to your previous days information. 
  5. Period tracking – (Light pink heading) I won’t go into much detail about this but you basically have to log everything into this category. It can’t automatically detect your menstrual cycle but once you get in the swing of logging your information it can start to track your cycle days. This feature isn’t my favorite because there are multiple apps out there that do this but it is handy to see what your cycle and fertility days might look like. 

I have found it to be pretty accurate with all of the results. This is the first piece of active jewelry that I’ve ever had and I adore it. Not only is it a stunning piece of jewelry that can go with almost anything in my closet, but it’s also functional. There are plenty of other features that the Leaf offers that I havent even covered, like the ability to set up an alarm that makes the Leaf vibrate whenever you need an alarm. I’m positive there are many other things that I don’t even realize my Leaf can do.

Another great thing about the Leaf is that there are multiple Etsy shops to buy new bracelet bands and necklace chains for it. I have not purchased any yet but I’m sure once I do, I will send out an update.

As for now, I would highly recommend a Bellabeat Leaf Urban. The company is still learning and growing amongst themselves and I can’t wait to see what other kind of smart jewelry they create! Maybe the next will be a ring that matches and syncs with the Leaf. 😉


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