Diary of a Broke Girl: Part II

Welcome back to my diary based mostly on me complaining about being broke all while constantly trying to keep a good attitude about my financial state. Now, I would like to reiterate that I am extremely grateful about the things that I have. I come here to blow off some steam, share my experiences that can truly only come with being a Broke Girl, and to hopefully make other people laugh with me. With that in mind, I want to share a tale about a husband and a wife in the grocery store with little money.

Today, my husband and I went to the grocery store to buy just a few things in order to get us through until we travel home to Utah for the holidays. My goal was to spend $35-$40 and when I shared this information with Kenyon, he was not too excited.

It seems to me that every time we go to the grocery store, one of two scenarios occur.

  1. We enter the commissary while we are starving and just after pay day and we begin ransacking the place like two stoners on a munchies run.
  2. We enter the commissary absolutely broke and absolutely full and we end up leaving with nothing because we are stuffed, we need a nap, and we are stressed about money.

So, after about 2,000 trips to the grocery store with Kenyon, I have learned that no matter what, the grocery shopping will be painful. With this in mind, I decided that something needed to be done to turn the errand into a game.

I now present you with something we decided to call, Blackjack Shopping. The rules of the game are as following. You first start with looking at your budget by deciding exactly how much money you have to spend on groceries, then subtract $5-$10. The $5-$10 will be saved for the basic things that your family will need no matter what, for example, we used ours for milk and eggs. Then with the rest of the money, you divide it based on your teams. (I’m guessing the math sounds a little confusing so I will do a better explanation below.) After that, you each go out and do the best you can to buy as useful/many groceries with the money that you have and YOU CAN NOT GO OVER!

So here was our budget: we had $40 total to spend and I set aside $10 for the necessary things, leaving us with $15 each to spend. After we checked out, we looked at the receipts and my husbands total was $15.07 and mine was $12.37, so I won because I didn’t break my budget!

This game completely changed our grocery shopping and instead of being frustrated with shopping, we were running all over the place and comparing who has the better loot. Also, nearly two weeks later, we haven’t made another trip to the store. After sharing with a friend, she said that when we play again, we should do it by who can build the most meals on the same budget and I think this will work so much better! Therefore, next time we are going to play that way and I can’t wait.

See, being a Broke Girl isn’t that bad as long as you can find the happiness and make it fun, just like we did.


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