Diary of a Broke Girl: Part I

Welcome to my trials and tribulations of being a broke girl. In a world where there are places to be seen, puppies to be bought, and of course, fancy clothes to be worn, but you don’t have any money, life can be extremely trying on my drive to not become a humorous ecdysiast.

First of all, there’s a big difference between being broke and being thrifty. Many people would be so quick to label themselves as broke, when in all actuality, they are just thrifty. Do you craft from all the cool supplies you bought from Michael’s? Thrifty. Do you craft from the random crap you find around the household (i.e. paper towel rolls and cereal boxes)?  Broke. Do you coupon? Then, you might be thrifty. Do you have bare cupboards, like Old Mother Hubbard? Probably broke.

Now, here’s another thing: being a broke girl does not mean you have to give up the fun things in life. Rather, it means that it’s time to hang up the finer things in life, but hopefully only temporarily. Put the desire to buy the Michael Kohr’s bag away in the closet, similar to the way that one might put away their summer clothes in time for the winter. However, this does not mean that you can’t have a new bag – you will just have to get creative to get there. By this I mean try out your sewing skills and see if you can make yourself a cute, handmade purse out of old clothes, or (if you’re like me) and you already know you don’t have any sewing skills, find a “no sew” tutorial on Pinterest, like this one, http://www.mommypotamus.com/no-sew-t-shirt-tote-bag-tutorial/ from mommy potamus. As a last resort, do some research and find where you can get the cheapest possible bag that you still like! Yesterday, I went to Goodwill and I am not ashamed. I got three adorable shirts and three nice sweat pants (as if I need any more.) Granted, I washed them all 5 times last night, but who’s counting? I’m so proud of my finds! Goodwill is fantastic and especially when you go to the shops in the good neighborhoods because I found a pair of Calvin Klein pants for $4 and no, I am not wearing them right now. Don’t judge me.

Typically, I have no problem resisting the urge to buy clothing in stores; my biggest struggle comes from food and drinks. I always tend to find some way to justify me spending $200 on unnecessary groceries in some way like, “Well, we are having one friend over tomorrow and I wouldn’t want us to run out of food.” Or, my personal favorite, “I found this recipe on Pinterest and we need 50 ingredients that we will never use again except for this meal.” I have rice vinegar in my cupboards right now. Why? I could not tell you. I have never even opened it; although, I do remember purchasing it for a specific recipe but by the time I got home from shopping, I was exhausted and then I forgot what meal I was planning to deliciously prepare. So, here is a message to all the broke girls regarding food: not everyone is Rachael Ray and that’s okay.

Another hard thing with food is that you want to be healthy but the healthy foods are so dang expensive! How does one go about eating foods that are good for your mind and body and still have money to buy a new yoga outfit and post that selfie in it? I would love to know this secret. The highlight of my day yesterday was that they were doing free tacos at Taco Bell. I don’t even care that much for Taco Bell, but when someone says, “Free Tacos!” do you really stand there and question it? Surely, I do not.

Keep the broke girl in you thriving because the broke girl is creative and is always looking for ways to re-purpose and re-create! In my opinion, being a broke girl isn’t a bad thing and it’s only a pit stop.


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