Maybe I’m too quick to judge the situation, but am I the only one noticing EVERYONE has “anxiety” lately? I know that anxiety is a real thing and I also know that it can’t be very nice to deal with, but I also know that 70% of my graduating class did not have anything to say about having “anxiety” until it became a trend.

Just today, I saw at least three separate posts, each shared by five different people that were explaining the way that it felt to have anxiety. As I’m reading this, I’m thinking, “Wow, maybe I have anxiety too!” But, I don’t. I get nervous when I’m asked to make a phone call and my mind wanders and thinks about all the possibilities of me screwing up the phone call somehow, yet, I still make that phone call. Are there really people out there who don’t go through this, maybe even a little? I wouldn’t consider that having social anxiety. I would consider that being a normal human being, because normal human beings are automatically tuned in to worrying about failure! (I saw that on Brain Games so if that’s wrong, don’t hurt me.)

There are people out there, who ACTUALLY SUFFER FROM ANXIETY! If I were one of those people seeing all these “hipsters”, who are generally fantastic in social situations (I can say this because I have met them and spoke to them and seen them interact in large groups of people), I would be completely offended! It’s a terrible thing to go through an actual anxiety disorder, so I really want to know why my generation has turned into hypochondriacs who diagnose themselves with anything that sounds remotely close to something they might have done or felt one time in like, the third grade. I know people with anxiety. They do not post about it. They don’t tell people about it. They don’t want anyone to know, because the fact that someone might know about it, gives them anxiety.

So, to all my lovely Facebook friends & Instagram acquaintances, please stop sharing these posts suggesting you have an anxiety disorder, because in my opinion, if you really suffer from anxiety, you probably wouldn’t much wish to participate in social media, certainly not sharing things that might relate to a day in your brain. Or, maybe I’m just crazy!


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