I Was Wrong

  I trusted my friends when they told me that they wouldn’t forget about me after I left. 
I was wrong to do that. 

They didn’t forget about me, but they moved on as if I was never there. They just found replacements for me. When I bring it up, naturally, they say that no one can replace me. Yet, today when I saw a post that I was about to tag all my best friends in, someone else beat me to the punch line. 

I wish that there would have been some dramatic thing happen and that they never moved on after I left, but now I’m realizing, how could I ask them for that? It would simply just be selfish of me to say, “Hey, after I leave, you’re not allowed to make new friends,” because that sounds absolutely terrible! 

Although, I never came out and said it, inside, I was asking them for that. I was praying that things would never change. I was hoping that when I came back, everything would be the way it was before I left.

Yet, everything changed and I’m okay with that. Of course, it still hurts when I see someone else tagging my best friends in something I feel like only I should be tagging them in, (’cause I was that annoying friend that tagged everyone in everything).

I was the friend that could be easily replaced and I was. I shouldn’t have thought that it wouldn’t happen, that’s not what a real friend would have asked for. So, I was wrong. 

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