Me; in a Nutshell

Obviously, I am Kelley Crisp; formerly known as Kelley Dean, although, I haven’t changed my name legally yet. Whoops. I’m currently living in Washington, D.C., but this is not my home. My home is in a small town in Utah and I miss it there like  crazy! I’m in The District because the man of my dreams married me and moved me across the country to live where he is stationed. I have found a few things I love about this place though!  I have two adorable puppies because pets are better than children to me. 😉 I come from a big family on a farm. Everyone who knows me at all, knows my siblings mean the absolute world to me and that my older brother is the strongest person I know and he is my hero. He was diagnosed with a rare disease called Leukodystrophy and he has put the doctors to shame with their expectations for his life everyday. I have learned so much from him as well as all the other crazy kids I get to share parents with.

I graduated from Utah State University in 2017 with an Associates of Science with a major in biology. I am currently working to become a Veterinary Technician and then potentially a vet through my job at a pet hospital. However, I adore working with children who have disabilities just as much.

I can never express how great of a life I live. I hope you continue to stick with me through this blogging journey!


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